Sample Sounds

Wide River Winery - Davenport

         ------- Past Gigs -------

Twin Span Brewing         (Bettendorf)

Los Portales                   (Moline)

Tuggers                         (Port Byron)

Rams Riverhouse           (Port Byron)

Twin Span Brewing         (Bettendorf)

Los Portales                   (Moline)

Oak Grove Tavern          (Bettendorf)

Olathea Winery              (LeClaire)

Los Portales                   (Moline)

Main Event                    (Bettendorf)

Judy's Barge Inn            (Buffalo)

Private Party - Craig       (Conservancy)

Los Portales                   (Moline)

Bix Race                        (Davenport)

Main Event                     (Bettendorf)

Pinnacle Country Club     (Milan)

Twin Span Brewing         (Bettendorf)

Tuggers                         (Port Byron)

Los Portales                   (Moline)

QC Tennis Club - Private  (Moline)

River Center - Private    (Muscatine)

Rams Riverhouse          (Port Byron)

Main Event - Parrot Heads (Bettendorf)

Judy's Barge Inn            (Buffalo)

Bass Street Landing       (Moline)

Miss. Riv. Distilling Co.   (LeClaire)

Sugar Maple Golf Club    (Geneseo)

Dirty Water Music          (LeClaire)

Freight House Market    (Davenport)

Gypsy Highway             (Davenport)

Tuggers                        (Port Byron)

Bent Paddle Brewing      (Duluth, MN)

Steventon's                  (LeClaire)

The Grape Life              (Davenport)
High School Reunion      (Rock Island)
Labor Day Parade          (Rock Island)
Private Party - Grace     (Rock Island)
Pinnacle Country Club   (members)
Tycoga Winery              (private party)
Wide River Winery     (LeClaire & Dav.)

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Fun Live Music   -   Come Sing Along !

 Audience Participation -  Singing Along

Performing at "Live At 5" Concert Series


Lee Blackmon


Lee Blackmon    309-738-8376

- Soft Rock Favorites from '60s-'80s

- Make Requests !

- Sing Along with Extra Mic !

- Over 100 Songs to Choose From !

- Guitar and Vocals

‚ÄčI'm taking a break for some trips!

---- 2024 ---

Jul 18    Thur    Bass Street Landing
6:00-7:00pm          (Moline)

Aug 17   Sat          Tuggers

6:30-9:30pm         (Port Byron)

Aug 24    Sat     Allison House Party
6:00-9:00pm     (private)

Oct 6 Sun              Old Oaks Winery

1:00-4:00pm         (Milan)

Oct 12    Sat          Tuggers
6:00-9:00pm         (Port Byron)

Nov 3  Sun             Old Oaks Winery

1:00-4:00pm          (Milan)